The Grant Process - Pre-Award and Post-Award process at KRISP and UKZN

- 2018-02-08

The process of seeking and obtaining an externally funded research or training grant can be challenging for new, emergent and even senior principal investigators (PI). Here we provide a summary of the process you should follow, along with contact information for the people who can provide immediate assistance as you proceed at KRISP and UKZN.

KRISP and UKZN grant process


Step 1- Find Funding

Before you can find a grant, you need information about available options and funding agencies. We have curated a page with links for national and international funders. In addition, we also generates a monthly Funding Opportunities bulletin and provides an email list on funding information for potential PIs at KRISP and other departments at UKZN.

Step 2- Prepare Proposal

Our Pre-Award support services strives to facilitate the proposal process for external funding to KRISP, UKZN APACHE research community and collaborators, providing assistance to administrators, faculty and staff in preparing, reviewing, approving and submitting competitive proposals for all funding agencies.

To submit a proposal request, please contact one of KRISP senior grants managers: Mrs Gugulethu Mkhize and/or Mrs Suzette Grobler. You are also welcome to contact the UKZN Research office grants managers or contact your preferred research center College.

All proposals that needs an institutional approval must be reviewed before submission to a funding agency. The first step in the proposal is to fill Form 1 from UKZN, which need to completed and completed fully signed by both Head of School and College Dean of Research.

Step 3- Submission of Proposal

Our pre-Award team will assist with all hard copy and electronic submissions. This involves the following steps:

A) The proposal, budget and supporting documentation are checked for completeness by one of KRISP senior grants managers: Mrs Gugulethu Mkhize and/or Mrs Suzette Grobler or by the grants manager at the UKZN Research Office or specific College.

B) The proposal and supporting documents are sent to the vetting bodies of UKZN for approval:

- Budget financial need to be reviewed and approved by UKZN Finance office.

- If needed, legal Review for Intellectual Property and legalities, approval need to be seek from Legal Services.

C) The application is sent for signature by an authorised signatory

- DVC Research for budgets over R1 million,

- University Dean of Research for budgets under R1 million and Registrar in the absence of either of the above.

D) The application is sent back to the Academic and one of KRISP senior grants managers: Mrs Gugulethu Mkhize and/or Mrs Suzette Grobler, unless otherwise indicated in the call for proposal that an online application is required.

Step 4-Award Acceptance & Compliance Consideration

Acceptance of all sponsored project terms and conditions will be provided by the authorised signatory. At UKZN (and KRISP as KRISP is part of UKZN), the process need to be followed with the legal department. Below the work flow process for research contracts.

KRISP and UKZN grants monitoring process


Step 5-Award set-up

Once contract has been finalized and all parts have signed (see previous diagram). The PI need to apply for opening a cost centre. Details of the process and forms are found here.

The next step involves UKZN invoicing the funder. After funder pay UKZN, the funds need to be allocated to the cost centre in the appropriate line budgets.

Step 6-Monitoring Finances

Project and management control are important steps to produce a successful project. It involves an ongoing process of planning, monitoring, executing and controlling. It involves financial management as well scientific progress management.

At KRISP, we suggest that this process is performed as part of two monthly meetings. This is: Monthly Financial Meeting between the PI, the operational manager, the procurement representative and the financial group of the Research Office (for financial management). The Monthly Scientific Progress Meeting between the PI and the scientific grants manager. Below a diagram of the process.

KRISP and UKZN grants monitoring process

Once the project is starteed, there are several reports to complete and submit. For a full list of items, reference the reporting, closing out an award information in the legal contract between the funder and UKZN.

Please contact one of KRISP senior grants managers: Mrs Gugulethu Mkhize and/or Mrs Suzette Grobler for further information. The UKZN Research Office has a Questions and Answers (Q&A) page on grant applications and research contract, which also includes the UKZN policies.