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Groundbreaking study on KZN community gives new hope to fight TB

Daily News - 2019-08-07

A ground breakin study conducted by scientist from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), the KwaZulu-Natal Research Innovation & Sequencing Platform (KRISP) and the Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) has given new hope to policy makers on the frontline of the fighting the disease that proves that scaling up antiretroviral therapy (ART) coverage can reduce the cases of TB.

SASBi August Newsletter 2019: KRISP & Genomics Africa are featured in the South African Society of Bioinformatics (SASBi) Newsletter

SASBi Newsletter - 2019-08-02

This month at the SASBi newsletter KRISP at UKZN is featured as a key organization that is reversing brain drain in Africa and achieving scientific excellence! The newsletter also highlights Genomics Africa, our initiative with DIPLOMICS, the SASBi student council updates and some of the wild-cats' scientists (Yumna Moosa, San Emmanuel James and Upasana Ramphal) at KRISP. This is the coolest part of the newsletter and we really encourage you to read it...

KRISP Newsletter July/August 2019: Genomics Africa provide access to high-quality, output-driven, customer-centric and affordable sequencing in Africa

KRISP Newsletter - 2019-08-01

This month, we focused our newsletter we focus on the launch of Genomics Africa, a KRISP & DIPLOMICS initiative to provide access to high-quality, output-driven, customer-centric and cost-effective genomics services in Africa . In our newsletter, we highlight the Genomics Africa activities on Human Genomes, Animals & Plants and Pathogens & Microbes. We want to challenge the status quo and allow the genomics revolution to benefit Africa.

KRISP Road Shows Westville & Pietermaritzburg UKZN Campuses

KRISP News - 2019-07-30

In order to showcase our services and promote collaboration and we are doing road shows at two other UKZN campus in July. We will be at the Westville campus (29-30 July) and at the Pietermaritzburg Campus (30-31 July).

Clinical Pharmacogenomics: Developments & Opportunities for Efficacious Use of Medicines in African Populations - Durban SPARK Innovation Breakfast

Durban SPARK Innovation Breakfast - 2019-07-30

Durban SPARK Innovation Breakfast presentation by Prof. Collen Masimirembwa, President and Chief Scientific Officer: African Institute of Biomedical Science & Technology, Tuesday, 30 July 2019(7:30am - 8:30), K-RITH building, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, UKZN, Durban, South Africa. All welcome!

The potential for personalized microRNA therapeutics in cancer - KRISP & African Health Flagship Talk

KRISP & African Health Flagship Talk - 2019-07-30

KRISP & African Health Flagship Talk by Prof. Frank Slack, Shields Warren Mallinckrodt Professor & Director of the Institute for RNA Medicine, BIDMC, Harvard University, USA, Tuesday, 30 July 2019 (11:00am - 12:00), K-RITH building, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, UKZN, Durban, South Africa. All welcome!

YouTube Videos

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Oxford Nanopore Sequencing & Women in Science in Africa

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Human Genome, S5Ion Sequencing & Women in Science in Africa

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STEM Education in Africa: KRISP & Thermo Fisher Scientific PCR Workshops

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