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Chemagic 360 PerkinElmer

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RNA and DNA purification & extraction

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Equipment summary

Nucleic Acid Extractor for Medium to High Throughput. Based on our patented chemagen magnetic bead technology the chemagic™ 360 instrument represents the ideal solution for nucleic acid isolation in a huge variety of research market segments including but not limited to Biobanking/Human Genetics, HLA Typing, Virus and Bacteria Detection.

Experience the revolutionary compact benchtop design of our newly developed chemagic 360 Nucleic Acid Extractor. Based on the well-established chemagen Technology, the system offers a flexible solution for different sample processing and throughput needs. Configurable with three kinds of chemagic Rod Heads (see table below) the system can process sample volumes from 10 μl – 10 ml.

Key features:

- Sample volumes from 10 μl – 10 ml

- High throughput

- Huge kit portfolio – whole blood, saliva, serum/plasma etc.

- No cross contamination

To support our automation needs, the system is equipped with the chemagic Software and the chemagic Dispenser 360. These allow LIMS-compatible bar code reading/sample tracking and automated buffer filing for all volume applications.


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RNA/DNA, protein, cell, purification, extraction




RNA/DNA/Protein extraction