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NGS-BRICS Viral Sequencing and Phylogenetics Workshop, 26-30 Sept 2022

The BRICS Network for Genome Surveillance (NGS-BRICS) was established in 2021 and generates and investigates sequence data of viral pathogens of public health importance, such as COVID-19. In the interest of increasing bioinformatics and experimental expertise within BRICS countries. Applications close on 1st of August 2022.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: Infectious Disease Management

The Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation (CERI) is seeking to appoint a post-doctoral fellow with great potential and ambition to become a leading scientist. The position will work with some of the best genomics and bioinformatics scientists in the world. We aim to identify both pathogen and human genomic variation that are associated with the transmission and virulence of pathogens and the development of diseases.

CERI & KRISP Newsletter Aug/Sep 2022: Scientific research and surveillance efforts at CERI & KRISP remain under the global spotlight

This month we reflect on how much the world has changed over the last two years. It is still too early to declare the pandemic over, but it is time to begin thinking about what can be done better and how best to prepare for future threats to global health.

Genomics Africa Fellowships: 2-week short term fellowships and hands-on workshop on NGS sequencing

Individuals from organizations affiliated with the Abbott Pandemic Defense Coalition & Rockefeller Pandemic Prevention Institute will participate in long- and short-term training opportunities at CERI/KRISP.

Pandemic preparedness in a changing world: Fostering global collaboration to strengthen public health and respond to viral threats

The last 2 years have made us fully aware of the devastating effects that a global pandemic can have. We appear to be past the worst of it, but it’s too early to say that it’s over. It is not too early, however, to begin thinking about what can be done better when the precursor to the next pandemic comes along.

The Virus Hunters Trying to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Nobody saw SARS-CoV-2 coming. In the early days of the pandemic, researchers were scrambling to collect samples from people who had mysteriously developed fevers, coughs, and breathing problems. Pretty soon, they realized that the disease-causing culprit was a new virus humans hadn’t seen before.

Tulio de Oliveira: collaborating to boost science in Africa

Bioinformatician and Director of CERI and KRISP, Prof Tulio de Oliveira is profiled in The Lancet. Article written by Udani Samarasekera, 6 August 2022.






Urgent need for a non-discriminatory and non-stigmatizing nomenclature for monkeypox virus.
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Building genomic sequencing capacity in Africa to respond to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
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As the COVID pandemic recedes CERI & KRISP join the fight to control other outbreaks and epidemics
By: Tulio de Oliveira


Genome Detective Coronavirus Typing Tool

Genome Detective Coronavirus Typing Tool for rapid identification and characterization of novel coronavirus genomes

Genome Detective Dengue Virus Typing Tool

This is a beta version of our Dengue Virus Typing tool. For the mean time, this tool should be used for evaluation only. Please send feedback to Tulio de Oliveira.

Genome Detective Zika Typing Tool

This is the first version of the Zika typing tool, which uses phylogenetic analysis to identify the species and genotype of the virus.

Genome Detective Chikungunya Typing Tool

This is the first version of the Chikungunya typing tool, which uses phylogenetic analysis to identify the species and genotype of the virus.

Genome Detective Yellow Fever Virus Typing Tool

This is the first version of the Yellow Fever typing tool, which uses phylogenetic analysis to identify the species and genotype of the virus.

Genome Detective

This is the first version of our Arbovirus typing tool for Chikungunya, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Zika

REGA HIV Subtyping Tool V3 - Belgium Mirror

Phylogenetic tool to identify the HIV-1 subtypes and recombinants. Query sequences are analysed for recombination using bootscanning methods. The version 3 contains new CRFs (CRF01_AE to CRF47_BF).


KRISP has been created by the coordinated effort of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and the South African Medical Research Countil (SAMRC).

Location: K-RITH Tower Building
Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, UKZN
719 Umbilo Road, Durban, South Africa.
Director: Prof. Tulio de Oliveira