Pirate Science - an interesting website on open-access phylogenetic publications

Author: Tulio de Oliveira - 2013-04-28

This weekend when I was surfing the web I found a very interesting website called Pirate Science, which focus on summarizing openly accessible evolutionary publications. I found it blogs, reviews and summaries very well written and would like to help to advertise it.

Example of some of their summaries.

This website is produced by four researchers at the Evolutionary Dynamics of Infectious Disease group at the Max Planck Institute. Their manifesto starts with a quote that says:

'That ideas should spread freely from one to another over the globe, for the moral and mutual instruction of man, and improvement of his condition, ... like the air ... incapable of confinement or exclusive appropriation'. - - Thomas Jefferson

The website objective is to make 'open science' with the provision of free sharing of knowledge and ideas. The website focuses on open access publications and open source software applications.

I was also very happy to ready that they reviewed a recent publication that I have collaborated with Prof. Olivier Gascuel group in Montpellier. This is an openly accessible publication in Bioinformatics that provides an open access web-interface for the analysis of large phylogenies.

To end this blog, I would like quote their manifesto again.

'Pirate science shares the adventure, the contextual ideas which surround and support the research ideas we develop, the change points as our intuition widens, alternative pathways considered, and the roadblocks encountered'.

Long live Pirate Science! Long live open access!

Pirate Science is accessible at: http://www.scipirate.com/


Blogs: Pirate Science - an interesting website on open-access phylogenetic publications

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